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Welcome to the CostHelper Blog

 by Ed Lee   Posted on August 3 2013

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Seven years ago, we launched with the vision of helping people find the right product at a fair price, with our unique approach of combining research by experienced journalists with users' comments of how much they're really paying. Over the years, we've expanded how we deliver on that vision, and today, we're excited to announce the launch of the CostHelper Blog.

In the past, as we worked on our articles, we'd often discover extra pieces of information that wouldn't quite fit into our existing format, like more detailed steps about how medical billing works. And many times we wanted to highlight some great advice our users had posted. With the CostHelper Blog, we can cover more breaking consumer information, broaden our coverage, and continue to help people get the right product or service at a fair price.

We're thankful for all our readers who have contributed their experiences on CostHelper, and look forward to helping and facilitating our community of users in even more ways.

Ed Lee

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