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No Attorney Needed: Some Legal Filings Can Be DIY

 by Ruth Schneider   Posted on August 3 2013

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A CostHelper reader in California who was recently working on cleaning up his record noted, "you do not need an expensive attorney for a DUI expungement."

It is possible for individuals to remove felonies or misdemeanors from their legal records on their own, rather than hiring a lawyer. In fact, with many legal filings, the biggest expense one needs to take on could be the legwork and the time spent filling out legal forms. And, on occasion, an appearance in court might be necessary.

A cautionary note: While it is possible to do all of the paperwork on one's own, it is not always simple. Being an organized and detail-oriented person is helpful.

FindLaw, a Thomson Reuters service, provides state-by-state information on the expungement process and links to legal self-help centers in each state.

As CostHelper's reader noted, his total cost to expunge three DUIs was $25 and one court appearance. Not a bad deal for cleaning up some unwanted pieces of one's past.

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Justin D Gibson

Married or Spouse inheritance is not needed unless Person, Husband signs Passover forms.through intial CREDIT(owned)

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