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Everything-agram: 5 Ways to Bring Instagram Photos to Life

 by Ruth Schneider   Posted on November 28 2013

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With more than 150 million monthly users, Instragram -- a photo sharing app -- is one of the most-used social media platforms in existence. To put it more bluntly: That's a lot of photos.

But what do you do with them? Besides garnering likes and comments, the web is full of dozens of ideas for ways to share the images in less digital, more concrete ways.

Check out these ideas -- a few might work as holiday gift ideas.

1. Casetagram

Want to see your photos every time you flip over your phone? You can with Castagram, which allows users to create an infinite array of cases -- although you are restricted to primarily Apple and Samsung products. Pick the design, pick the photos and a few weeks later, a brand new phone case is mailed to you. Plus, even if you are not an Instagram user, you can still use personal photos on your phone.

The nitty gritty: Castegram cases can be designed either on the web or through an app (only available for iPhones). Orders by Dec. 3 can be delivered by Christmas with standard shipping.

Prices: Cases cost about $35-$60.

2. Postagram

This is a service that allows you to create and send actual postcards to your friends. It can link with either your Instagram or Facebook account, so you have access to all the best shareable moments in your life. It allows plenty of space to type a note, so your friends will think it's the most legible postcard they've ever received.

The nitty gritty: Postagram postcards can be designed through the website or through apps (both Android and Apple versions are available). Postcards arrive 3-7 days after purchase.

Prices: Each postcard costs $0.99, including postage.

3. Printstagram

Printstagram is a printing service for your Instagram photos. You can print everything from gift cards ($25 for a set of 24-36 cards) to framed prints ($60) to a couple hundred stickers ($10 for 252 stickers). This would be the service to turn to for personalized greeting cards this holiday season.

The nitty gritty: The service is accessible through the website or a mobile app (only for iPhones). Most products ship in 4-10 days (posters and framed prints take longer).

Prices: Prices vary based on products. Shipping nationally costs $7.

4. Stickygram

Stickygram creates magnets -- a set of nine of them. Link to your Instagram account and upload the images you want to see on your refrigerator (or your friend's refrigerator). Each magnet is about 2 inches square.

The nitty gritty: You can create your magnets through the website -- there are no apps for this service. It's not clear how long it takes to create and ship magnets.

Prices: $15 for a set of 9 magnets. Shipping is free worldwide.

5. Calendagram

This is one that's great to use as a gift for family members and friends. Select a dozen images and make either a desk calendar or a wall calendar.

The nitty gritty: The service can be accessed through the website to through mobile apps (only for iPhones and iPads).

Prices: Wall calendars cost $25 individually, desk calendars are $15. Purchasing multiple copies reduces individual prices.

Whether it's with calendars or with stickers, these services make it relatively easy to make and share your own creative ideas. Now, get clicking.

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