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And the Best Bacon Is...

 by Ruth Schneider   Posted on October 5 2013

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This little piggy went to market.

After that, Consumer Reports bought samples and tasted to determine which little piggy offered the best bacon.

Top honors go to Costco, it turns out. For $14, you can buy four pounds of bacon that Consumer Reports said was the only "excellent" brand.

"Kirkland Signature Regular tastes best," the group found. "It's sold as four 1-pound packages, so you may need to freeze some."

The price of the Kirkland bacon, at $3.50 per pound, was well below many of the major label brands like Hormel and Oscar Meyer.

In fact, Consumer Reports noted that higher prices didn't necessarily lead to better quality. Oscar Meyer Fully Cooked is one of the most expensive choices (a 2.52 oz. packages sells for $3.50, or about $22 per pound) with what Consumer Reports called "tough and dry" slices.

Runners up for best bacon included Great Value (Wal-mart brand) and Oscar Meyer Thick Cut. Consumer Reports' testing was limited to 15 brands, including turkey bacon (healthier but not as tasty).

And the bacon-eaters lived happily ever after.

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