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Amazon Increases Minimum Purchase for Free Shipping to $35

 by Ruth Schneider   Posted on November 5 2013

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Amazon happily splashes new Kindle models across its home page. It's a little sneakier about changes that hit closer to the wallet.

Like the announcement that the Super Saver Shipping minimum purchase increased to $35. This means customers need to spend an additional $10 -- up from the $25 minimum -- in order to qualify for free shipping.This is the first increase in as long as I can recall as an Amazon customer -- they says it's been "more than a decade."

I say, two months before Christmas is a lousy time to implement a new rule that digs deeper into customer's pockets.

It's clearly a push to get customers to join Prime, which costs $79 per year, and provides "free" two-day shipping to members. But if you are paying $79 per year for a service that includes a shipping perk, is that really free? (Admittedly, Amazon Prime includes other perks, like access to hundreds of thousands of videos and Kindle books.)

It's a bummer. Super Saver Shipping doesn't feel so super anymore.

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