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10 Highs and Lows to Watch for in the Breaking Bad Auction

 by Ruth Schneider   Posted on September 22 2013

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After five years, Walter White's meth-induced hit life is coming to a close. The series "Breaking Bad" concludes Sept 29. For fans of the show, the fun doesn't have to end. ScreenBid is auctioning off more than 200 items from the show, all of which are guaranteed by Sony Pictures. The bidding begins Sept 29, with an array of intriguing items.

1. Pink teddy bears

The pink teddy bear made several appearances during the course of "Breaking Bad," including a memorable landing in Walter White's swimming pool. ScreenBid has two bears for sale: One with eyes and one without. Bidding on both bears starts at $1,500. One teddy bear eyeball is available in a separate auction starting at $300.

2. Walter's tighty-whities

These are the white chonies Walter White was wearing in the first episode of the show. If you are the kind of person that collects show skivvies, opening bids are at $250.

3. Beakers and flasks

For all those science experiments not performed in the classroom, Breaking Bad used a vast assortment of beakers and flasks. There are at least half a dozen for sale in the auction. Most start around $100.

4. Full-size skeleton

Before Walter White became the Blue Sky king, he was a high school science teacher. And, of course, every science teacher keeps a full-size skeleton in the classroom. This was Walter's skeleton. The bidding starts at $700.

5. Hazmat suits

Walter White's infamous hazmat suit would make one heck of a Halloween costume for the dedicated fan. If his doesn't fit, Jesse Pinkman's is available, too. Bidding on White's suit starts at $1,500; Pinkman's starts at $750.

6. Hello Kitty phone

From the final season of "Breaking Bad," comes the obnoxiously not manly Hello Kitty cell phone. It was handled by several main characters. While it was free to the characters on the show, the bidding on it starts at $100.

7. Bill counters

By the end of the series, Walter White amassed a small fortune of $80 million. He used counters to get the precise total of his earnings. Two of the fully functional machines will be hitting the auction block, starting at $100 apiece.

8. Patron Saint of Drug Dealers

Jesus Malverde, the Patron Saint of Drug Dealers, might not be recognized by any church. But he is recognizable as the stature that sat on DEA Agent Hank Schrader's desk. Bidding starts at $100.

9. Shivs

There is an assortment to choose from -- the rusty shiv, the wrapped handle shiv, a spoon shiv, and a steel and tape shiv. It's the kind of thing that helps you remember gruesome murder scenes.

10. Mini bar

It's a great way to celebrate the weekend in high motel style. Walter and Skyler's mini-bar has both vodka and whisky bottles, an ice bucket and a few glasses used in the 12th episode of season five. Bidding for the bucket and accessories starts at $250.

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